Sometimes I find myself in a musical rut.  Listening to the same stuff over and over again.  As much as I love listening to Kelly Clarkson, Gaga, Bruno Mars, etc.  Sometimes you have to give your ears a cleansing and I have been checking out some different music lately.

I have found that I still have my love for classical and operatic music.  I love that somethings never change.  I also found that my choices in music are very eclectic and I love that, I'm not just stuck on one type of music.  I mean music has been the main focus of my life for the last 18 years.  However, for me, I was in a music rut, so for the last week I have been checking out some different genres and just enjoying what I'm finding.  So here's three artists that I have fallen in love with.

Jack Johnson

Yes I realize that he's been around for awhile, however, when the whole world starts hyping an artist, I tend to ignore it because in all honesty, they usually fizzle out.  But every one of his songs are amazing.


OK I just found this one just last week and she is relatively a new artist.  She's just 17, but I believe she has a great future ahead.  Her latest single Wings is amazing.

Amy Studt

Amy Studt has been on the music scene for awhile, she recorded her first demo at the age of 14, and released her first single in 2002, Just a Little Girl.  The song that caught my ear, was Misfit, release in 2003.   She has had more success in UK, however it was Misfit that perked the ears of the US.

Most of the time, you can usually catch some really great musicians and artists on movie soundtracks, or even found in books.

Any artists you would suggest I give a listen to? Let me know in the comment section below.