We have all had fun and played in a bounce house as kids or with our kids.   They are fun and entertaining.  However, one families fun afternoon turned into a nightmare, when the wind picked up the bounce house with three children inside and sent it airborne.


Studies show that bounce house injuries have skyrockted over the last 20 years. Bounce house injuries happen to about 30 children per day.

The Child Injury Prevention Alliance has listed some guidelines to follow when playing in a bouncy house:


  • Limit bouncer use to children 6 years of age and older.
  • Only allow a bouncer to be used when an adult trained on safe bouncer use is present.
  • The safest way to use a bouncer is to have only one child on it at a time.
  • If more than one child will be on the bouncer at the same time, make sure that the children are about the same age and size (weight).