Elin Nordegren, the ex-wife of Tiger Woods, bought a mansion for $12 million dollars only to demolish it because she didn't like the layout.  At $12 million dollars that is a very expensive piece of land.Why is it when people have massive amounts of money they just do stupid stuff because they can.

According to TMZ:

Elin bought the 9,000 square foot North Palm Beach home in March ... right after she struck a $100 million divorce settlement with Tiger Woods.

Apparently, Elin felt the modest 6 bedroom, 8 bathroom pad wasn't quite up to her standards ... so she did the only reasonable thing -- KNOCKED THE WHOLE PLACE DOWN!

We're told Nordegren has hired a high-priced architect to build her dream home ... and sources say every single worker is required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the house before and demolished.

Dear Elin, the next time you decide to knock down a perfectly good house could you please donate a section to me.

What are your thoughts on people with massive amounts of money who do crazy stuff like this, especially with so much poverty in the world?

All I have to say is SERIOUSLY?