Amarillo's Largest Garage Sale is going on today, 11-5p and tomorrow, 9-4p. Here are some great tips to use when you are finding the best deals at a Garage Sale.

  • Money

    From Confessions of a Yard Sale Fanatic

    It's good to bring a lot of small bills and change especially if you plan on making small purchases. Don’t be afraid to haggle a price down if you feel it is too high. The worst that the seller can say is no. I think it’s in very bad taste to haggle a price down from $1.00 to .50 only to whip out a $20 bill to pay for it. Believe me, it happens. If I think the price is fair or a steal, I don’t bother haggling. Nothing is more annoying to me (when having a yardsale) is to have a customer who wants to haggle on every little item.

  • You Think You Might Want the Item But You are Not Sure

    How to Find Garage Sale Gold

    When you find something you’re not sure you want, pick it up and carry it with you while you continue to look. This prevents somebody else from finding it while you’re trying to decide.

  • Negotiate

    eBay Garage Sale TIps

    Unless price is extremely low, never pay their price until you say..."will you take less like (and name a lower price than you want to pay" The worse that can happen is they say no. Most of the time they say Yes or they name a different price. Don't be afraid.

  • Start Early

    Yahoo Garage Sale Shopping Tips

    You can find the best selection right when a sale opens, so go early. But if you see something and can't get the price you want, ask when the sale is ending and come back later. If the item is still around, you might get a lower price then.

  • Looking for Something Particular? If You Don't See it Ask.

    Thrifty Fun

    When you are looking for something in particular at yard sales and don't see it, just ask. I have found that sellers are "motivated to sell" once they have started and will sometimes go into the house and bring out the item you are looking for.