Later this year 'Wheel of Fortune' will begin it's 32nd Season on TV.

It's gone on to become the longest-running syndicated game show in the United States.

Let's spin the wheel and solve some of the secrets behind 'America's Game.'

  • The daytime version of the show debuted on January 6, 1975
  • The last daytime episode aired on September 20, 1991
  • Originally the show was called 'Shopper's Bazaar.'
  • Chuck Whoolery and Susan Stafford were the first host and hostess
  • The daily syndicated version debuted September 19, 1983
  • Pat Sajek and Vanna White tape 5-6 episodes per day
  • A full season consists of an average of 200 shows (roughly 40 days of work)
  • The Wheel itself weighs 2,400 pounds
  • Pat matches his tie to Vanna's dresses
  • 30 years ago there were only 6 different puzzle categories - now there are 46
  • Pat Sajek debut as host in 1981 and Vanna followed as hostess in 1982
  • TV Guide ranked the show #2 in its list of '60 Greatest Game Shows Ever.' 

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