Today is Lost Penny Day.  Today is a day we can recognize the penny.  Every lost penny is luck for someone else.

Pablo Caridad

Lost Penny Day was started in an effort to collect all the loose pennies and donate them to charity.

I love the saying, "See a penny, pick it up and all the day you'll have good luck."

I have been known to randomly leave pennies in random places because I want to give someone else good luck.  However, sometimes that backfires here's that story.

I was at a restaurant/bar with some friends one day when one of those friends dropped a penny.  He went to pick it up and I said, "no, leave that for someone else, because someone always needs good luck", and he did.  Then not 5 minutes later a friend at the table who wasn't paying attention, gets up to go to the bathroom and picks up the penny.  We all laughed, I guess he needed some good luck.

Here's some penny facts:

Abraham Lincoln is featured on the penny and as luck would have it, it's his birthday today (check the date on this post in case you aren't reading this on Friday, February 12th).  Abraham Lincoln first appeared on the penny in 1909

The first penny was minted in 1781 and was made of pure copper.

They want to get rid of the penny

So instead of getting rid of your pennies, start collecting them and donating them to charity to celebrate Lost Penny Day.