If you know me, then you know I am not a football fan.  I had a person in my life that ruined football for me so I stopped watching it and stopped caring about football.  However, with that said, I do enjoy a good football movie now and then.  So here are my Top 10 Football Movies of All Time.


1. The Blind Side

What an inspirational story about love and trust. This is my favorite football movie. Plus, Sandra Bullock in her best role ever!  It also had Tim McGraw in his second football movie.

2. The Longest Yard

I can watch this movie 50 times then watch it 50 more.  Adam Sandler as a quaterback, need I say more.

3. Friday Night Lights

I'm a Texan, it's a Texan movie and it was based on the Midland-Odessa football rivalry. It also introduced us to Tim McGraw as an actor. Plus, it spawned Friday Night Lights TV Series.

4. Facing the Giants

This movie wasn't a big budget movie, it doesn't have big movie stars, and the acting isn't all that great.  However, it is a movie about faith and hope and how trusting God can turn your life around.

5. Waterboy

Bobby Boucher makes me laugh every time.


6. Invincible

Two Words: Mark Wahlberg

7.  The Game Plan

Two Words: Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a The Rock)

8.  Any Given Sunday

I love Al Pacino and Al Pacino as a coach of a major football team, even better.  Dennis Quaid as aging quarterback and Cameron Diaz as the "Jerry Jones" of the Miami Sharks.

9.  The Replacements

I thought this was a really good movie, mostly cheese, but a decent movie.

10.  The Program

This was an intense movie.  I watched in the theater, (the old theater that used to be in Puckett Plaza, yeah I just dated myself didn't I),The one thing I will always remember about this movie was the scene where the players went and laid on the median line of a busy street just to get "the rush".  I believe they removed the scene from the movie not long after it was released because a bunch of teenagers tried it and got killed.

I know I am missing some of "the greats" but I wasn't a big fan of some of the football movies that were considered "great".

What is your favorite football movie of all time?