Asian food is tasty and generally good for you.  Whether it's Thai, Chinese, Japanese, or whatever, Asian food is good anytime. Here are the top 5 Asian restaurants according to - (tie) Bangkok Tokyo. 2413 S Western St. This restaurant got 4 1/2 stars. Most reviewers enjoyed the Sushi and the dumplings the best. I've had their Pad Thai and it was great!

#1 - (tie) Ichiban.  3309 Wimberly. I love Japanese hibachi restaurants. They are always fun.  Ichiban also got 4 1/2 Stars.

#3 - (tie) Saigon Restaurant. 2909 W I-40. Excellent Vietnamese food.  This restaurant got 4 stars. Most notable dish was the Spring rolls with pork.

#3 - (tie) Asian Garden. 2257 E 27th Ave. This restaurant also got 4 stars. This restaurant is known for its tasty food and large portions.

#3 - (tie)  Young Sushi. 900 S Tyler. Friendly owners and great sushi!  This restaurant got 4 stars as well.

Some notable restaurants: Lemongrass Sushi & Wok, Thai Palace, Thai Taste.

This all sounds so good, I think I'm doing Asian today!  Kenny