Today is National Dark Chocolate Day.  I am a fan of dark chocolate.  It's tasty.  Not many people like dark chocolate, but I do.  I think that comes with age because I used to hate it.  So in honor of this day, here are the top reasons to eat dark chocolate.


Dark Chocolate is actually healthy for you

It contains antioxidants.  It helps lower blood pressure.  It may even help protect your skin from the sun.

Dark Chocolate pairs well with Wine

Dark chocolate and wine, enough said.

Dark Chocolate Actually Feeds the Good Bacteria

This is the stuff that fights off the nastiness that can get in your body.  So not only are your feeding you, you are feeding your bacteria.

Dark Chocolate Relieves Stress

It's been proven to show that stress levels drop when you eat dark chocolate, so chow down when you're stressed.  But only one bar per day.

Dark Chocolate is Good for Your Brain

Apparently it increase blood flow to the brain after you eat it and