Desserts are delicious and a heavenly part of life.  However, we are always warned not to over indulge.  However, I love the mantra, "you only live once, eat dessert first."  I mean why not eat dessert first.  So here's why you should eat dessert.

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  • It's Delicious

    Let's face it dessert is delicious.  It can be so different.  It can be savory sweet, salty sweet, sweet sweet.  It's just amazing!

  • It Makes You Happy

    Look back to the last time you ate dessert.  As you are eating it, weren't you happy.  That sweet goodness touching your lips.  Why not do something that makes you happy.

  • It Makes You a Better Human Being

    Nine times out of ten, when you are eating dessert you are at a restaurant and you are sharing with someone you love.  We all know sharing means caring and sharing makes you a better person.

  • It's the Best Part of Your Meal

    When it comes to eating a meal, when you know you are getting dessert you just look forward to it.  You have been planning it out in your head.  You have made your decision not to overeat so you'll have room for that goodness.

  • It's Good for You

    No only do certain desserts contain ingredients that are good for your health.  Dessert just makes life good all around.  Plus, if you are dieting, the occasional dessert helps you further your goal.