Well, it's what we call a 'log jam' in the business. It's where the songs haven't moved from the previous week. Actually, this would be the third week in a row that the Top 5 songs hadn't budged.

  • 1

    Eye Of The Tiger-Survivor

    Featured in the movie 'Rocky III,' starring Sylvester Stallone, this group from Chicago, Illinois scored a Grammy for 'Rock Vocal Group' for this song. Originally, Stallone wanted to use Queen's 'Another One Bites The Dust' for the famous fight scene, but Queen said 'no.' So, Stallone turned to Survivor to write a brand new song to be used in his film.

  • 2

    Hurts So Good-John Cougar

    He's the man with the ever-changing name. When he started in the music biz, in 1976, David Bowie's Manager gave him the name Johnny Cougar and by 1979 he shortened it to John Cougar. (later he would go by John Cougar Mellencamp and then morphed it to John Mellencamp-which is his birth name). This would be 'Cougar's' first Top 5 hit and earn him the Rock Male Vocal Grammy in 1982.

  • 3

    Abracadabra-Steve Miller Band

    "These times they are a changing.' At least that's what it seemed like for some veteran rockers in the early 80's. Bands like ZZ Top, Yes and Van Halen were producing more slick-pop records that didn't sit well with some of their hard core rock fans. Steve Miller was no exception. After a four-year absence from the top 10, Miller and his band would return with this #1 pop hit. This would be their first #1 since 1976's 'Rock'n Me.'

  • 4

    Hold Me-Fleetwood Mac

    Although they would go through a lot of changes in their lineup, the strongest and most popular version of Fleetwood Mac would be Christine & John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. This would be the lead off single from their album, 'Mirage.'

  • 5

    Hard To Say I'm Sorry-Chicago

    With the help of super producer David Foster, this song would bring Chicago back to the pop scene in a big way. Featured in the movie, 'Summer Lovers' starring Daryl Hannah, this would be the first #1 from Chicago since their Grammy winning 'If You Leave Me Now' back in 1976.