This year rang in a lot of electronics for the 'gadget' lover, but if your doing your Christmas shopping for someone on your 'nice' list, it can be a slick road to travel on.

To help you on your shopping quest this year, here is a look at some of the top pics for electronics. By no means is this list complete, but it may be a good starting point for you and help you understand what is out there.

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    Kindle Fire (Amazon)

    The Kindle Fire is the latest addition to the 'gadget wars' of 2011. The fire has been updated with a duel-core processor and now has streaming capabilities, but keeps the simplicity of it's predecessor. It can runs thousands of apps and perfect for the person that loves to multi-task.

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    Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo)

    There are only two things that keep me coming back to Nintendo; Mario and Zelda. I have owned earlier versions of Nintendo Systems and remember countless hours of battling Bosses and jumping through pipes to help save the Princess. Granted, the 3DS has had a rough year in sales and not meeting the expectations of Nintendo, but with the holidays and a couple of 'marquee' titles (Super Mario 3D Land & Mario Kart 7), it could be poised for a great end of the year.

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    iPad2 (Apple)

    If you are the type of person that likes to be on the cutting edge of technology, this is considered by many as the Holy Grail of electronics. The Apple iPad2 is so simple to use that I've seen 5 year olds test drive them without hesitation. If the iPad2 has one 'downside' it would be the price. For a 16GB with Wi-Fi you're looking at a price range around $550-$650.

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    iPhone 4S (Apple)

    As you know, I recently purchased the new iPhone 4s and have barely scratched the surface on what it can do. So far, I have been very happy with it and what it can do. The only issue I have had was the conflict of iCloud with Microsoft Exchange. For those who have the iPhone or are thinking about getting it, here is my advice for the workaround on the above problem. 1) Delete the iCloud account BEFORE you try to connect it to your mail server (Microsoft Exhange Only). If you're upgrading your phone and going for the iPhone 4S, make sure that you save all your contacts on your phone first. If all your contacts are stored on iCloud, you will lose them once you delete the account.

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    Playstation 3 (Sony)

    My prediction for the BIG seller this year is the Playstation 3. One big reason is because the incredible price drop from Sony. But also because of the selection of game titles, some that are exclusive to the platform. Not only will gamers enjoy the PS3, but also the whole family, as it can also be used as a Blu-Ray player with it's internet capabilities you can stream music online and have a great multimedia device.