So back in 1998 Jimmy Fallon predicted that he would be hosting the 2011 Christmas Special and that prediction came true. Jimmy Fallon hosted on Saturday night. This is the list of my favorite sketches on Saturday.

  • I Wish it was Christmas Today Reunion

    Not only was it a night for Jimmy Fallon to return to SNL, some of his buddies returned as well for some of his sketches. Horation Sanz, Chris Kattan, and Tracy Morgan returned to help Jimmy out with his Christmas song.

  • Weekend Update: Joke Off

    This might be considered offensive and NSFW

    Seth Myers is the current host of SNL's Weekend Update. Jimmy returns to Weekend Update to take on Seth. However, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey show up to take part.

  • Buble Duets

    This was one creative SNL: Digital Short. It is a spoof on a new Michael Buble Christmas Album, Christmas Duets

  • Jimmy Mirror

    Jimmy has a conversation with himself in the mirror. Gotta love live TV!