As long as I remember, I have been scared of tornadoes.  I remember as a little girl being terrified as those sirens went off.  Yesterday, I realized that I am still that little girl terrified of tornadoes.

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It is funny that as an adult, the anxiety I felt when I was little still haunts me today as the tornadoes sirens go off.

Last night I had to be an adult because I had a terrified 6-year old.  I felt the panic overwhelming me, but then I realized that I'm the mommy now and I had to comfort my little one.

So last night we piled into our tornado safe place. As E. is in full on panic mode I told him it was OK to be scared and he could be scared and cry.   I stopped for moment grabbed his hands and we prayed that God would keep us safe no matter what.

So it passed us, no tornado, no hail, just a little bit of rain.


I realized how unprepared I am for a tornado and will remedy that this weekend as I put together a tornado safety bag.

So, after it was all said and done last night as we are moving stuff out of our safety place, I laughed at some of the stuff we grabbed.

What was the weirdest thing you took with you to as you went to shelter last night?