When a band or celebrity is booked to perform , not only is there a contract but there is this document called a tour document.  It is a list of things that the band or artist request to be provided to them and some times, it is a list of outrageous requests.

Here are a few of the items they request.

6 individual sized bottles of 100% orange juice to help regulate Bret's diabetes

Diet Lipton green tea Citrus flavors only

Temperature in dressing room bust be between 68-75 degrees.

One Box of Sweedish Fish

Two Bottles of Wine with opener Kendall Jackson or Robert Mondavi perferred

Hot Dogs- Yves Veggie eaten with toothpicks, enough for two people

A Smoothie Station

12 Micheolob Ultras

A bottle of red and white wine chilled

2 small vanilla candles

USA Today

One of her stipulations is her dressing room needs to be draped in cream or pink.

She also asks for specific fresh flowers however ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS.

Disani Water at room temp

hot water, no tea, hot water kettle

Aluminum and Plastic, Glass,  and Paper Recycle Bin

48-16 oz biodegradable non-petroleum cups

disposable napkins made from 100% recycled fiber

Organic Coconut water

I can't begin to describe it just read it here.

Requirements for bathroom one lamp or clip light  so harsh light may be turned off

Starbucks-1 grande Iced Carmel Latte w/2 sweet n lows, 1 grande Iced Americano w/2 sweet n lows/soy milk, 1 slice pumpkin loaf

1 bag of twizzlers

1 pint of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Brownie Frozen Yogurt

Some of this stuff isn't too strange however, I have heard about some riders where the promoter has to provide underwear and socks for the artist.  Have you heard about some crazy demands from celebrities or musicians?  If so share them with us.