Halloween is here and I hope you and the kids are geared up for a fun evening of trick or treating. Here are a few safety tips to remember as you head out this evening.

  • Plan Your Route

    Make sure you have a trick or treating route planned out before you leave the house. Also make sure that you are taking the kids to safe neighborhoods.

    If you are worried about the houses you are trick or treating at you can always check the Texas Sex Offender Database  before you head out on your trick or treating journey.

  • Identification

    Make sure you put some form of identification on your child. Whether it be a wristband with their name and your cell phone number or a piece of paper in their pocket. Do this just in case they get separated from you and the group.

  • Make Sure Your Child is Visible

    Your children need to be visible in the dark. Make sure they have a flashlight or they are wearing glow sticks, or place reflective tape on their costumes.

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  • Only Trick or Treat at House That are Lit

    If the owner of the house has his door closed and porch light turned off that usually means they are not open for trick or treating. So move on to another house that is lit up. Not all people take part in handing out candy on Halloween.

  • Trick or Treat in Doorways Only

    Trick or Treat in doorways only. Do not enter the house. This is strictly for safety reasons only. Unless you know the person very, very, well it is highly suggested that you and the kids remain on the front porch of the house.

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  • Potty Before Leaving the House

    Make sure the kids go to the bathroom before leaving the house. There is nothing worse than having to find a bathroom to de-costume the little ones so they can go potty.

  • Do Not Approach Unknown Animals

    If you don't know the animal stay away from it. Some animals can be a little jumpy and it could be worse if the kids are dressed up in strange costumes. It's best to stay away from animals known or unknown when dressed up. Certain animals scare easily and their reaction is to growl and bite.

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  • Stay in View of Your Children

    If you are a parent that stays on the sidewalk while the kids walk up to the door STAY IN VIEW. Children can become disoriented when trick or treating and as long as they can find that familiar face they will stay calm.

  • No Trick or Treating After 9pm

    Most people have families with small children so ringing their doorbell after 9pm could be considered rude. Most small children have a bedtime before 9pm even on Halloween. So please be courteous and do not trick or treat after 9pm.

  • Check Your Children's Candy

    After Trick or Treating make sure you check your children's candy before they eat any of it. Look for open candy and torn wrappers. Look for anything out of the ordinary. You can never be to protective of your children.

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