I understand that as an American choosing to fly you have to follow certain rules.  You have to have to send your bags through x-ray, you have to take off your shoes, you cannot travel with tweezers or clippers in your carry-on and forget a full bottle of shampoo or toothpaste.  You pretty much give up certain rights for safety.  I understand, I get it, I would even go through the x-ray machine that can see you and all your glory just to make the experience more bearable.  It's a safety issue for our country.  However, wrapped gifts, are now a target for searches.Luckily, I won't be flying this holiday season.  Most of my family are within a days drive.  However, if you are flying to your holiday destination you might want to make sure you make time to wrap your gifts after the flight.

According to CBS Los Angeles:

Officials with the Transportation Security Administration issued the warning after a traveler was arrested this week after trying to smuggle marijuana in a wrapped gift.If the circumstances are suspicious, TSA can and likely will open those gifts.

If you are traveling with gifts or even holiday food the TSA has tips on what you can do to make sure you are following the rules of flying.

Do you have to fly to your holiday destination, if so, what do you do with your gifts?  Do you ship them ahead of time or do you take them with you on the plane?