If you're looking for a fun filled night of movie watching, then get on over to your favorite box or rental store and stock up on the new movies on DVD/Blu-Ray today

"The Fighter" - Mark Wahlberg plays a guy trying to save a failing boxing career, and Christian Bale plays his brother  a former boxer who went the distance against Sugar Ray Leonard before throwing his career away on drugs.

It's based on the early years of boxer Mickey Ward, who overcame a broken hand to go 38-13 in his career.  Marky Mark does his own boxing in the movie, and also had to learn to fight right-handed, because Ward is a righty but Wahlberg's a lefty.

"Hereafter" - Matt Damon is a reluctant psychic trying to lead a normal life, despite being able to talk to the dead.  Comedian Jay Mohr plays his older brother and Bryce Dallas Howard plays a woman that Matt Damon is dating.

The movie's directed by Clint Eastwood and some of it is a little more poignant in the aftermath of what happened to Japan because one of the other main characters is a French chick who survives a tsunami.

"The Switch" - Jennifer Aniston gets a handsome man to be a sperm donor so she can have a baby.  But then her best friend, Jason Bateman, accidentally spills the goods  and replaces it with his own.

"Spooner" - Matthew Lillard plays a socially awkward guy who needs to learn to grow up after his parents threaten to throw him out by his 30th birthday.

"BMX Bandits" - a 1983 Australian kids movie starring a 16-year-old Nicole Kidman.  She and her two friends find some police-band walkie talkies that were to be used some bank robbers for a heist.  Teenage chaos ensues.

"Barbie: A Fairy Secret" - A direct-to-video DVD that has nothing to do with the previous "Fairytopia" movies.  In this one, Barbie is a movie star who goes on an adventure to rescue Ken after they discover that fairies are living among us.

Her two best friends turn out to be secret "fashion fairies".  One of them draws magical strength from shoes, and the other is a purse fairy.  If your kids are of an age where that makes sense, then visit the site for more info.