I admit I watch Two and a Half Men every Monday night and when I miss it, I have it recorded on my DVR.  Would I watch the show without Charlie Sheen?  Yeah, but I watch it for Charlie.  The irony of the show is that the "character" Charlie pretty much mimics the "actor" Charlie.  Don't get me wrong Jon Cryer, Agnus T. Jones, Conchata Ferrell, and Holland Taylor bring the laughs but truthfully it is about Charlie.

If you're a fan of "Two and a Half Men", then you're probably familiar with CHARLIE SHEEN'S antics.  So it's not surprising that the overwhelming majority of fans don't seem bothered by them.

According to a poll by the "Hollywood Reporter", 96% of fans want Charlie back on the show . . . while 4% think he should be FIRED PERMANENTLY.

90% don't think Charlie's personal problems matter, as long as he does a good job on the show.

And check this out:  26% actually view Charlie as either "much more" or "somewhat more" favorably in the wake of his most recent scandal.