A two-year-old Washington State boy has been missing since Sunday after his mother left him in an unlocked car for over an hour after running out of gas on a busy street.   She and her 4- year-old daughter left the boy to make the 1-mile trek to the nearest gas station.  When they returned the 2 year old was missing.


The FBI is now investigating the case of the missing boy.

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I don't pretend to know the circumstances of this mother but I do that as a mother I would not leave my 2-year-old son in a unlocked car by himself on a busy road.

Why, would a mother take one child with her while leaving another alone in a car.  I understand that a mile is a long way to walk for any child but how scared did that 2-year-old have to be after being left in a car alone.

Did she not have a cell phone?  Could she not have flagged down another car and ask for them to call help.  I know that in itself might be dangerous but so is leaving a 2 year old in an unlocked car alone.

I may be wrong in saying this, but how irresponsible is this mother.  This just makes my heart sick.