Yesterday, United Supermarkets made the decision not to sell the August edition of Rolling Stone Magazine, because the cover features the alleged Boston Marathon Bomber.

“This was an easy business decision for us,” said Robert Taylor, CEO of United Supermarkets, LLC. “To do anything that would glorify terrorist behavior simply goes against what our company stands for.”

Many other retailers nationwide have taken similar action in choosing not to sell the magazine.

Taylor added that Rolling Stone is only available at a limited number of United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos and United Express locations.


When the cover was released on the internet I think Rolling Stone accomplished what they were going for, an outcry which would start millions of people talking about Rolling Stone Magazine.  Even though circulation might drop in August, its quite possible it might cause a huge subscription to the magazine, which I hope is not the case.

I choose not to post a picture of the cover on this blog because I personally think it is wrong to glorify a terrorist.  I just wanted to give United Supermarkets kudos for stepping up and doing the right thing.

Again, I believe we do have the right to freedom of speech and Rolling Stone has the right to put a terrorist on their cover, however, businesses also have the right what they choose to sell and not sell in their stores.