Back in December I told you about William Taylor and asked for a Christmas Miracle.  Well I just wanted to share with you an update on this sweet, sweet boy.  I also wanted to share with you a video his Dad put together about this amazing little boy.

William was transferred back to Amarillo, a few days before Christmas.  He made it home.  Although home is a hospital room, he is still home and he is surrounded by his family, friends and all his prayer warriors.  He was able to spend Christmas with his entire family.

Each day William is doing something new.  Even though he appears to be in a comatose state William is reacting to things and people he loves.

In fact the day before yesterday he was moving his head back and forth.  He reacts to his favorite Veggie Tale Movies.  If he is frustrated he has his way of letting you know and if he is happy with what he hears and feels he will let you know as well.

William is a fighter and a amazing testimony of God.  Because of William people have been brought to Christ and saved.  People all over the world now have a common bond and that is William Taylor.

My Christmas Miracle wish is still the same, but it has become my New Year Miracle.  I believe that William will be healed.

Just like William's mother told me last night, It is a New Year and it will be a Great Year!

I wanted to share with you a video that William's dad but together.  Grab the tissues because it is touching.  Also listen to the word's of Casting Crown's Praise You In This Storm as you are watching the pictures of William.

I cannot wait to see this little man's smile again.  It makes your heart melt.

You can keep up with William’s progress on his facebook page Prayers for William.

A account has been set up at Amarillo National Bank, you can make a donation to the family to help out with medical expenses at any ANB Branch, the account is under Benefit for William Taylor.

Donations can be sent safely through bank accounts via Paypal by using and donating to:

Also, Team William T-Shirts will be available for purchase soon.  I will post a link and the details when and where you can purchase your T-shirts with proceeds benefiting the Taylor Family.