A school in Salt Lake City, Utah took action the other day and took away the lunch trays of over 40 students and tossed them in the trash.  Why?  The parents had yet to pay their lunch bill.


I understand the school is trying to get control of the outstanding lunch bills. However, humiliating students in front of other students is not the way to do it.

Most of these kids don't realize that their parents have yet to pay their bills so when someone comes up to you and takes your tray and tells you here's a piece of fruit instead because your parents have yet to pay your lunch bill is embarrassing and I'm sure some of these kids were brought to tears.

Yes, I realize that the school didn't let these children go hungry, but could they have done this in a different matter.

Self esteem in a child is one of the most important things and the reckless way this school handled this situation just knocked that child's self esteem down further.

What if school is the only place these kids do get to eat because their parents don't have the money to feed them.

I know it is the school's responsibility to make sure these parents pay, but it is also their responsibility to make sure that these kids aren't publicly humiliated to prove a point.