Valentine's Day will be here before we know it and I know the go to gifts are flowers and candy, but why do the same generic gift, flowers and candy.  Let's get creative and do something different this year.  Here are a few ideas on fun Valentine's Day Gifts.

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Netflix Gift Subscription

Who doesn't love binge watching TV series or watching great movies.  Surprise your sweetheart with a cool Netflix gift subscription.  Just be sure not to write let's "Netflix and Chill Valentine" in the card unless your sweetheart has a great sense of humor.


Cupcakes are great.  You can get them in different designs and flavors.  You can get just one and do something sweet with it, or get a dozen.

Spa Day

Whether your sweetheart is male or female, who doesn't love a massage or a facial or other spa treatments.  Make it even better and schedule the spa day and do it as a couple.  Get pampered together.

Favorite Beverage

No matter what their drink is, wine, coffee, vodka, tea.  Put together the coolest package that includes their favorite drink and maybe a new mug or glass to go with it.  I know for me if I got some really great ground fancy coffee and a really cool mug I would think this would be the perfect gift.

Plan a Weekend Getaway

Who doesn't love to getaway.  Why not plan a weekend getaway for you and your sweetheart.  Pick somewhere you know they would love and plan the weekend doing activities you know they would love.  Plan it from beginning to end this includes making sure the kids are  and then surprise them on Valentine's Day with your upcoming getaway.

These are just a few ideas to help you on Valentine's Day that don't involve flowers and candy.