We adopted our new puppy and Buster is a great addition to our family! We got the cutest little guy in the world! Check him out and let me know what you think!

We have been wanting get a puppy for a long time now. We were going to get a toy dog but found them to be more than $300 dollars! Although we wanted one very much, we could not afford one of these little guys, so we kept our eye out for the last several months. We looked on Craigslist and in the classified at amarillo.com and still couldn't find a puppy that we could afford. A few

months ago we went out to the Amarillo Humane Society and looked but did not see any puppies out there, so yet again we decided to keep our eye out and see if we could find one some place else. After waiting and waiting, we kind of just stopped looking and hoped to be able to afford to get one of the "pure breed" puppies that we had been looking at. After stopping our search, my

wife's sister calls and tells us that they have some puppies out at the Amarillo Humane Society. We went out there and walked through looking at all the puppies and in the very last stall, WE FOUND HIM! He is the cutest little Akita (though I'm sure he is a mix) puppy who was just sleeping in his stall and they extended his time there so we could get him, otherwise he was going to be put down. We took him to PetCo and got him a collar, leash and some tiny squeeky tennis balls to play with. When we got him home we found out that he was COVERED with ticks (which I can not stand), so we began pulling them off. We bathed him and pulled of almost

100 of these nasty little guys! Now he seems to be a lot happier and he is running around the house chewing on everything from socks to our kitty cat. Now comes the vet appointment tomorrow for his shots and to get neutered. Poor little guy!

Have you ever adopted an animal from the Humane Society? Tell us in the comment section below what action you had to take to make sure it was healthy and happy.