It's another round of weird things on Etsy.  Since school starts on Monday, I thought I would find some of the strangest Back to School gifts.

A Chalkboard Skull

Really?  Why?  Science teacher?


A Chalkboard Coffee Mug

I get the mug, and I get the chalkboard. I just don't get the combination. A way to remind you of how much you have drank? A way to mark decaf? Wouldn't the twine disintegrate after so many washings?


Anatomically Correct Heart Necklace

When I typed Back to School in the search bar, this is one of the the things that popped up.
Nothing says I love back to school more than an actual heart on a chain.


Cast Iron Pointer Hand Sign

Does this point to the restroom? Point to time out? Point to a clock? Is there a need for a pointing hand for Back to School?


Luxury Bridal Panties

Again, I searched Back to School and in that subject was lacy panties. Uh, I can't imagine why anyone would need lacy bridal panties for Back to School.


So are you ready for Back to School