So we as humans consume some really weird things.  Some of our food combinations are insane.  Some make sense.  I am still in love with the person who decided to combine peanut butter and chocolate.  I mean let's face it, H.B. Reese was a genius!  So what made me decide to write about weird food combinations, well I just found one this morning.

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I am addicted to almonds and TicTacs.  Well I had popped an almond in my mouth, and then for some reason popped a white TicTac in a few minutes later and let's just say the flavor explosion in my mouth was heavenly.   Now here I am almost out of Tic Tacs and almonds.  So that got me thinking what weird food combinations do people eat.

I get the french fries and Frosty combination.  That is really good, but here are a few more weird food combinations that seem insane.

-German Chocolate Cake & Pinto Beans

-Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & ketchup

-Oreo's & Guacamole

-Peanut Butter & Bananas wrapped in a tortilla topped with pickles

-Pancakes with Mayo

-Bologna Sandwich with Apple Jelly

-Blue Cheese and Italian Dressing mixed together on a salad

-Pickles and Popcorn

-Bean Burritos with French fries in the burrito

-Sour Cream and Onion Chips dipped in BBQ Sauce

-Onion Rings Dipped in Miracle Whip

-Fried Egg Sandwich with Peanut Butter

-Pickles Dipped in Sour Cream

-Corn Chips dipped in French Dressing

-Scrambled Eggs and Mayo

-Ketchup and Chocolate Cake

-Peanut Butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches topped with cheese Doritos

-Banana cut in half topped with mayo and ground peanuts

So this is just the beginning.  I want to know what weird food combinations you like to eat.

Oh and I dare you to try any of these combinations.