You know how I love Etsy.  I haven't really bought anything from Etsy, I just love to go onto the website and check out some of the really weird stuff that people sell.   Since, football season is here I thought I would check out some interesting football crafts and gifts on Etsy.

OK, so this is a rock with some weird feathery stuff on it.  Is it a play on words or is this something new and awesome I don't know about?


Now I don't know much about the Catholic Religion, but a football rosary, that just seems a bit strange to me?


Its a pillow for teeth.  Is there a fan out there that has to have everything with a football on it?  Just curious if this is necessary?


This might be cute for a baby.  it would make a great picture, however, I think it is this picture of this thing that creeps me out and would make me want to run?  Would you put your baby in this?


This seems strange to me.  I get the football cookie, I get the football cake, I guess I could kind of see where this might be interesting.


Is there really a football fan out there this big that would wear team high heels?  I mean what exactly would you wear these with?  Don't get me wrong, I love heels, but team blinged heels, I just don't get.  Then again, I'm not a huge football fan.


So if you are a football fan, would you purchase any of the above to support your team?