I am a huge fan of watermelons.  In fact, there is one in my fridge waiting to be cut up for snacks.  Watermelons are one of my favorite things about summer.  So I thought I would do something on weird watermelons.  I had originally heard of a square watermelon.  They are out of Japan and very expensive. However, I didn't realize how you got a square watermelon.

Now they are doing more creative things with watermelons.  They now have heart shaped watermelons.

or if you are looking for a fun experiment with the kids

oh and just for fun...

There are 1200 different varieties of watermelon

They are 92% water

I have heard of red, yellow, and orange flesh watermelon, but I have never seen a white flesh watermelon.  They do exist.

The largest watermelon recorded was 268.8 pounds.