Easter is just around the corner!  That means filling plastic eggs, coloring boiled eggs, and filling baskets.  It is a lot of fun to get ready for Easter.  But what do you do with all the colored eggs after the day is over?

Every year we boil eggs and color them.  It is a fun activity to do with my son.  But after Easter is over I feel a little uncomfortable keeping the boiled eggs.  Imagine this.  You boil and color the eggs the night before.  Then Easter day is a beautiful, sunny, hot day.  You scatter the eggs throughout the yard.  They sit there until everyone is ready to see the kids hunt for the eggs.  After the hunt, the eggs sit in the basket until it is time to go home.

So what do you do with the eggs at this point?  There are tons of recipes for left over boiled eggs.  But after sitting out in the sun do I really want my son to eat that?

I did some research and everywhere I looked said to refrigerate them after they are colored until time for the hunt.  Then after the hunt put them back in the refrigerator if they are not going to be eaten.  Boiled eggs have a shelf life of up to a week if refrigerated.

Hmmm, I don't usually rush back in after the egg hunt to refrigerate the eggs.  Do you?