It is inevitable if you work, then you work with people.  Your co-workers are usually around you more than your family.  Do you have that perfect co-worker that you work with?  Do you have the one co-worker that you wished would go away?  I ran across a survey recently and the survey made me think.  What would be the perfect co-worker? 

A survey of 2,000 employees by bowling companies AMF Bowling, Bowlplex, Hollywood Bowl, Namco Funscape and Tenpin revealed the traits we most value in our colleagues.

The top five qualities in a colleague are:

1. Having a sense of humour and not taking things too seriously

2. Always pulling their weight at work

3. Bringing in homemade treats

4. Picking up other people's work load from team members

5. Buying shop brought treats

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So what do you think makes a perfect co-worker?  Did this survey get it right?  Do you love the co-worker that brings you food?  What about the co-worker that actually works as hard as you do?  Did this survey hit the nail on the head?  What traits do you think make the perfect co-worker?