Why is this song invading my home life.   I knew nothing about this song until Monday when a friend sent me a link saying that her kids love this song.  I watched the video until I heard what the fox might say and then quickly turned it off.  No, I don't care what the fox says.  NO!

Then she sent me another link to a performance of the song on the Today Show.  It became a game.

Then yesterday afternoon when I picked up E.  He asks me, "Momma have you heard that song, What Does the Fox Say."  My heart sank, in my head I was thinking nooooo.  I told him I did and asked him where he had heard it.  "My friend," he answered.

Then he asked me if I would pull up the video.  Which I obliged and then it was over and done with.  The Fox has invaded my house.

That's all I heard all night, "What does the fox say....."

Then to top it all off, out of everything in that song, he picks up one line.  I hear him in the bathtub, "then elephant goes toot," followed by hardcore laughter.  He screams from the bathroom, "the elephant goes toot, that's funny."

I just shook my head.  Then, I picked up my iPhone and texted my friend:


So not funny.

Then I kept seeing posts on Facebook last night about the song, and these mothers wondering where the heck their children heard this silliness.

I have a feeling the fox isn't going away.

So if you haven't seen it, enjoy every cringe worthy moment.

Then the Today Show performance

Oh and they were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

I thought Gangnam Style by Psy was annoying.