Miracle Maker: Two words that could save the life of a child.   What is a Miracle Maker?  The answer to that is easy.  A Miracle Maker is you.  You could be a lifesaver to a child.When it comes to the Children's Miracle Network, a Miracle Maker is a donation of just $10 per month.  If you think about it, $10 a month isn't much but it goes so far.

$10 = 2 Soy Cafe Venti Latte Frappicino Mocha Carmel Blends or your favorite coffee at a coffee shop

$10 = one lunch out

$10 = gym membership at Planet Fitness

$10 = 5 Sonic 44 oz drinks

$10 = the change in your couch cushions and car

We have the habit of blowing $10  here and there all the time.

The thing is would you even miss $10 a month especially if you knew that it would make you a Miracle Maker.

This is who your $10 per month helps:

These kids are worth it!  Become a Miracle Maker by calling 212-4357 or donate online securely here.