I don't know if it is the access to massive amounts of knowledge in seconds or if it is evil befalling upon our great city.  I moved to Amarillo because it was close to home and my mom, and because it was a great and safe city to live in but now I'm wondering if that is the case.

I know every city has its crime, but it seems that more and more bad things keep happening in Amarillo.

Every time you turn around you are hearing about a robbery at a convenience store or bank.

It seems that every week someone has been shot in the parking lot of a bar, or in a house or on a street.


This city has been filled with serious tragedy with countless vehicle accidents taking the lives of some amazing innocent people.  Some accidents, some due to the carelessness of other people and their selfish actions.

What is our great city turning into?  Are we a metropolitan city?  No!  We used to be a safe city that people wanted to raise their children in, now not so much.

Everyday it is something new, something tragic.

How does a city bounce back from this massive amount of crime?

The only thing I know how to do if pray for our city.  Pray for its people.  Pray for peace.

What are your thoughts on where our city is going?