It was last fall when I first heard about this show called Duck Dynasty.  I thought,  great another reality show with a bunch of rednecks.  I wrote it off as I would never watch this show and I don't understand the obsession with reality shows and rednecks.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

However, I shouldn't be judging something without even checking it out, but I had already written it off. Then one day I was over at my friend Jess' house (you might know her from the Mommy Bloggers).  She flipped the TV on and switched it over to Duck Dynasty.  I looked at her and said, "You're kidding me, right?"  She wasn't.  This was the last thing I expected my purple haired, tattooed friend to be watching.

Then she muted it and explained to me what the show was about. It is a show about a family who started a duck call business and turned it into a multimillion dollar a year business.  However, watching this family they didn't lose their roots and where they came from.  They are a very down to earth family.   She told me that it was a very family friendly show and the Duck Dynasty clan was a Christian family.  She loved the show because her entire family could watch it (and she has kids ages 5-16).  She also told me that at the end of each episode the Duck Dynasty family surrounded the dinner table and prayed.

Then it wasn't long after that conversation and my introduction to Duck Dynasty that our church Family Life Fellowship had a sermon series called Reality Show and they used Duck Dynasty clips to reiterate what our preacher was preaching about.

So I am now a fan of Duck Dynasty, I was watching it last night and laughing (I would like to say E. was as well but it comes on at 9p and by then he was in bed and snoring).

If you have never seen the show, I would encourage you to watch it and its OK for the entire family.

And we can't forget Si