I have had the privilege of working with several events over the years here in Amarillo.  Some of them are huge, some of them are small.  However, I have always wondered why Amarillo is a walk up town when it comes to events.

What do I mean by "walk up town"?  Well when somebody books a show here in town, it doesn't matter what it is, who it is, where it is, the promoter gets a bit scared when after a week only 25 tickets have been sold, or the week of only 400 tickets have been sold.

"It's just Amarillo", that's what we tell them, "this town is a walk up town."  Then their show opens and boom the place is pack and 1500-2000 people pack the venue.

I have always wondered why Amarillo waits til the last minute to purchase tickets to anything.

It's quite possible that people wait til payday for the event and buy tickets as close to payday as possible.

Maybe people aren't ready to commit to spending that kind of money on a show until the last minute.

Do people wait to try to win tickets from other places before they buy?

Could it be that people just know that shows in Amarillo won't sell out and there will always be seats?

I don't have a clue as to why this happens, but I have seen a lot of promoters sweating this fact.

So with that said help stop the "last minute bug" here in Amarillo and start buying your tickets early.

Here's a thought maybe if everybody bought their tickets to events the day they went on sale and sold the venue out then maybe Amarillo might bring in bigger and better events.

One could only hope.