Halloween is quickly approaching which means you should start thinking about what you want your costume to be for this ghoulish holiday. Here are a list of places in Amarillo to get the perfect Halloween Costume.

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    Rt. 66 Costume Castle

    3001 Southwest 6th Avenue

    The Costume Castle is the only place that I know of in Amarillo where you can rent your Halloween Costume. The great thing about the Costume Castle is that it is locally owned and is located on Historic Route 66.

    I had the privilege of talking with Ann, one of the costume experts and she was just a doll.  She told me they have all the great costumes from the movies this year.

    New Harry Potter

    Toy Story 3


    Captain America

    New Alice in Wonderland

    Don't forget the classics like Elvis and Marilyn.  Costumes from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's.  They also have gangsters, flappers and more.

    For the kids they have the Yo Gabba Gabba characters.

    Rental Prices start at $15-$20 for the kids, and $25 for the adults and go as high as $75 for the deluxe costumes.  Ann told me they have a deluxe Spongebob costume in case you are interested in sporting the sponge for Halloween.

    Costume Castle
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    Spirit Halloween

    Westgate Mall (in the old Disney Store) and 5710 SW 45th

    Every year a few months before Halloween, you will see a few Halloween Costume store show up in buildings that have been unoccupied. The Spirit Halloween stores have a great selection of costumes for purchase. They carry costumes for Adults, children and even babies. You can also find great Halloween decorations. Plus, they have a great selection of Halloween Make-Up as well. I will admit however since this is a seasonal store their prices are higher than other places in town to buy costumes.

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    8201 I-40 W

    I'll admit I have bought Ethan's costumes here for a few years. They are affordable, but they seem to be of a higher quality than other places. Plus, they have the best selection of Halloween decorations.

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    If you are looking for an affordable costume then Wal-Mart is your store. They have costumes for adults, children and babies. Their prices range from about $10 for a costume to $50. They always have a wide selection. However, if you are going to do your costume shopping at Wal-Mart it is best to start early because the closer you get to Halloween, the less choices you have in costumes. When it comes to Wal-Mart, they always have the best prices for Halloween candy and decorations.

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    Online Shopping

    If you are looking for the perfect Halloween Costumes you should try online shopping. You can shop from the comfort of your own home. Here are a few online costume shops. http://www.costumeexpress.com http://www.halloweencostumes.com http://www.halloweenexpress.com/ http://www.totallycostumes.com/

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    Make Your Own Costume

    For Ethan's 2nd Halloween I was feeling a bit creative and thought I would make him a Bam Bam costume, you know from the Flintstones. It was a good easy idea, I thought I could get some felt fabric, a furry piece of fabric and throw it all together without a pattern. OK so it was a good idea, easy, not so much. However, after hours and hours of sewing on black felt triangles (the glue didn't hold) it turned out to be a very cute costume and I felt very proud of myself.

    Photo Courtesy of Lori Crofford