I ended up turning on the last night's Grammy Awards about an hour into the show.

From what I've read on Facebook I probably caught the best part of the show - the middle.

I loved the performances from P!nk with Nate Reuss and Taylor Swift looked and sounded beautiful with her 'stripped down' version of 'All Too Well.' Plus, Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr was the main reason I turned it on at all.

Although, Steven Tyler doing an impromptu acapella of 'You Really Got A Hold Of Me' standing next to Smokey Robinson?! I'm not sure who was more uncomfortable, me or the Motown legend.

The Grammys are billed as 'Music's Biggest Night,' but from where I sat it looked like all the artists were invited to a party that they had to attend.

The one award show that I really make a point to watch is the Country Music Awards. These Country Stars know how to throw a TV party.