So we have finally reached that point in society where holidays are no longer holidays.  It


is an excuse to save money and buy things.  Who wants to spend time with their family.  I mean we'll all be on our phones, tablets, and laptops ignoring each other.  So what does Thanksgiving or Christmas matter anyway.  Heck, we should just cancel the holidays all together and we all work.  Who needs time off.  Of course I say that all doused in sarcasm.

So here we are in the year 2013.  I'm gonna be that person that says, back in my day.  I remember the days when nothing was open on Sunday except the Allsup's down the street (they were open all the time, I'm not sure there is even a lock on their doors).  Nothing was open on the holidays except for that convenience store.  People actually took the time to celebrate with their families.  Yes some people worked, like our law enforcement, medical, media, and plant workers.  Unfortunately, that is a necessary evil.  Retail isn't a necessary evil

When did everything get to be so crazy, when did we stop taking time to enjoy the holidays and taking a moment to ourselves, and time with our family.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for the things we have, and the people in our lives.  It is a time, to stop, and eat, and breathe.  It really isn't the time to bust down some doors and get and iPad for $200 bucks or a flat screen for $150.  Seriously when did we all become so focused on material things.

So now we have the major retailers opening their stores on Thanksgiving.

Walmart, Best Buy - 6pm

Target, Sears, Kohls, JC Penny-8pm

I get that you are done with dinner and probably tired of football and who wants to get up at 4am on Black Friday, but what about the principal of it all.

I am shocked at the fact some retailers are disregarding the holiday all together.

K-Mart is opening up at 6am and Old Navy at 8am on Thanksgiving.

Again, it's all about the all mighty dollar.

I fear the day when I look back and realize that this is the generation that stole our holidays.  Before too long we won't have holidays to enjoy with our family we will just be working all the time, to feed the beast, to feed our wants and needs of stuff.

I don't want my son growing up thinking that this is all OK.  I want to spend my Thanksgiving with my family no matter how much they irritate me sometime.  I want to spend my Thanksgiving taking an afternoon nap.  I'm happy to give up my Black Friday to work and shop, but not Thanksgiving.

I just have this fear that our holidays are an endangered species.

Our lives are becoming all about stuff and things.

So when does this end?  Unfortunately, now that it has started, it will never end.  One day we will look up and realize as we are typing away at work, that Thanksgiving was once a day the nation had off as a National Holiday.   We will look around at our co-workers and nonchalantly say Happy Thanksgiving, or we will post funny pictures on whatever social media is cool at the time.

My son will be the one to say, back in my day we celebrated Thanksgiving, but then it just became another work day because people wanted to get the best deal on a TV and a company wanted to make more money so the holiday became another workday and because eventually people decided things were more important that giving Thanks.