Charlie Sheen was officially fired from Two and a Half Men yesterday.  Speculation has been buzzing about John Stamos taking over the roll.  Who do you think should be cast as a replacement?  How will they write Charlie off the show?The Today Show Television site came up with a list of 7 scenarios. One of the great ones included:

'Dude, Who Stole My Home?'
Turns out that Charlie never did own the home. Years before, a buddy let him use it while he went on an extended surfing tour. But now that Charlie’s gone, his buddy — played by Matthew McConaughey — wants it back. Yes, even if it means living with Charlie’s brother and nephew, the squatters who refuse to leave.

See the entire list here

Not that, that would ever happen but hey, it's Matthew McConaughey, he Just Keeps Livin.

Who would you love to see take over that role?  What scenario would you like to see happen to Two and a Half Men?