Here at the station sometimes local restaurants will bring us food just because they are being nice and our DJs are hungry people.  Baker Bros. was nice enough to drop off some sandwiches and cookies yesterday. 

Food never lasts long around here and so when I walked into the breakroom this morning and found these sitting on the counter I was a bit shocked.  Not because they were leftover but because something was off about one of the cookies.

Look at the cookie on the right, it has a giant bite out of it.

I know Baker Bros. did not send us a cookie with a bite out of it, so yes folks it was one of ours who unwrapped the cookie and took a bite out of it and re-wrapped it.

We have some practical jokers around here and I'm guessing there were trying to see who would eat the bitten cookie.

For me it is gross, but who knows, maybe it is just an experiment.  So as soon as I get to the bottom of this I'll let you know.

Have you ever had co-workers who eat half of something and leave the rest for someone else?