I don't know about you but when I buy a bag of chips at the grocery store it looks to be a pretty big bag of chips that I will have for awhile.  Little did I know how deceiving that bag was on the chip aisle as I put it in my basket.

That is the one little thing they don't tell you when you buy a bag of chips.  You find yourself disappointed when you pop the bag open to have a gush of salty greasy air hit you in the face only to see the bag less than half full of chips.

Oh the horror!

What's worse is if you are on a diet and you pop open on single serving size of Baked Lays only to find like 4 chips.  Really 4 chips, that only gets me salivating for more.

I know the chip companies do this so they can charge more and give you less, but come on stop fooling us with your blown up bags.  It just makes us sad in the end and is such a chiptease*!

*Chiptease (noun) /chip teeze/- the disappointing discovery that a bag of chips has way fewer chips inside than you would've guessed from the size of the bag.


What is your biggest pet peeve about packaged food?