Have you ever gone into a store, or shopping for a big ticket item and then leave asking yourself, "Why did I just buy that?"  It could be that you had a sneaky sales person.  Here are a few of the tricks salespeople use on you.

#1.)  Giving You Coffee. If you walk into just about any car dealership, you'll find free coffee.  It's partly because coffee costs almost nothing, and just giving customers something for free makes them more inclined to buy.

But caffeine also makes people much easier to persuade.  In a double-blind study, people who took caffeine pills were more easily convinced about the benefits of euthanasia than people who took a placebo.

#2.)  Cursing. Researchers found that if they added the word "dammit" to the beginning or end of a statement, people were much more likely to agree with what they said.

Experts think it's because swearing makes you seem more passionate about what you're saying.

#3.)  Talking Fast. According to at least one study, the faster a salesman talks, the more intelligent the customer thinks he is.

But there's an upper limit of about 194 words per minute.  Any faster than that, and he starts sounding like a freak.


So have any of these, been used on you?  What other tricks have you noticed that salespeople use to get you to buy something.