This has happened on occasion.  OK so this happens all the time.  You text or Facebook a friend and say, "Hey wanna go to lunch?"  Usually the answer is, "Sure," and then it sneaks up on you, "you pick."

I'm beginning to think those are the most cringing words in the English language.  You pick.  Well, I admit.  I am the same way.  I hate choosing the restaurant, coffee shop, tea place, etc.

So what does one do in this situation?  Well when I get the obligatory "you pick."  My first response is, "what are you in the mood for?"  Then I begin to list out, Mexican, Italian, Sandwiches, a variety.  From there you usually, get a response of, "no I don't want Italian, I had lasagna for dinner."


Then finally once it is narrowed down what type of food you want then you have to go through the list of restaurants.

I know I'm not alone in this, I know this happens on a daily basis, if not with your friends, with your spouse or kids, or parents.

It seems like it is the never ending hey where do you want to go.

The easiest way to solve this is if 3 of you are going to lunch, two decide to go to lunch then they make the third person decide where.

I had this happen last weekend.  A friend and I decided to go to lunch, I said sure but "you pick."  The text came back, "you stink, I don't want to pick."  I just texted back LOL, you pick and moved on. Then they said so and so is coming and I'm gonna make them pick.

I finally got the text back, "Meet us at Sharky's at 12:15."  By the way, I love Sharky's but 12:15 is the worst time to go and have one of their delicious burritos, because you'll end up waiting 30 minutes or more for that tasty meal.

So how do you handle the moment when you decide to go out to eat and someone says, "you pick?"

Do we do this because we know that if we do pick, we end up going through the, "no I really don't want to eat there, pick something else?"