As I driving in this morning, something kept rolling around in my head.  Something that screamed, "hey you need to write about this". I realized that there are a lot of single ladies all over Amarillo, and the world for that matter who just want to be loved and want a companion. Sometimes, we as women, settle because we are lonely and just want to be loved.  We tend to settle for those who give us attention even though most of the time it isn't good attention. It is time to stop settling and realize you deserve that true love and that man who will treat you with respect and give you all the love in the world.
I was reading something that a friend posted on Facebook yesterday that summed it up. It was a Wise Woman's Love Checklist from Sheri Rose Shepherd:

  • Look at the way a man loves his mother, because it is the way he will eventually love his wife.
  • Listen for how he talks about women "Are his words respectful and honoring
  • Pay attention to the way he reacts when there is stress or conflict.
  • Meet his friends and keep in mind that the people he hangs with are a reflection of his heart.
  • Pay attention to what your good friends see in him, because often those who love you can see better than you can see when you’re falling in love.
  • Look at what he reads and what he watches on television, because they will be a reflection of his moral fiber.
  • Do your best not to be too physical, because it will cloud your vision and confuse your heart.
  • It is imperative that a man respect your boundaries without challenging them.
  • Ask him to pray for you often, because you will need a man who knows how to cover you in prayer.
  • Ask yourself whether you feel at home when you’re with him or whether you act like someone you’re not to get him to like you.


Ladies keep in mind that if you aren't willing to do these things in return then it is time to search your heart and figure out why.

Another thing that caught my attention was a few videos from a man by the name of Trent Shelton.

His words are beautiful and so insightful.

I sincerely believe that someone will come into your life.  Be patient.  Pray for him.  Do not settle for less than what you deserve.  Be willing to give as much to him in return.