Earlier in the month we had told you about a incident that happened in a Walmart.  A woman trying to get a hold of an Xbox, pepper-sprayed a group of shoppers.  What looked like a act of malice may have actually been an act of heroism.

According to the Daily News:

Elizabeth Macias, the woman who pepper-sprayed fellow shoppers at a Porter Ranch Walmart, is considering legal action against the big box store, her attorney said Friday.

Woodland Hills-based attorney Michael Champ believes Walmart failed to provide adequate security to protect his client and her two teenage children.

Macias's son and daughter were "traumatized" when shoppers attacked them on Thanksgiving evening as they tried to purchase Xbox game consoles, he said.

"There wasn't adequate security or protection," said Champ, who said he is exploring legal options.

"(Elizabeth) didn't use the pepper spray to have a competitive shopping advantage," said Champ. "She responded as any mother would."

The video doesn't really show her protecting her kids.  However, if you were a mother in that situation what would you have done?  For me personally, I would not have taken my child with me to Walmart amidst all that chaos.

So do you think her side of the story is true or do you really think that she truly pepper-sprayed those people to get an Xbox?