MSNBC has just released a list of the 'Worst Movie of the Year'-for the past five years. Here's what the list looks like.

  • Just Go With It

    2011 PG-13

    Starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler.

    Aniston pretends to be Sandler's ex, so he can win the love of the 'girl of his dreams.'

  • Sex in the City 2

    2010 Rated R

    Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrell, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon.

    The girls take a trip to Abu Dhabi.

    Nuff said.

  • The Ugly Truth

    2009 Rated R

    Starring Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl.

    Another sub-par romantic comedy.

  • The Love Guru

    2008 PG-13

    Starring Mike Myers.

    Let's hope he bounces back with 'Austin Powers 4.'

  • Norbit

    2007 PG-13

    Starring Eddie Murphy.

    Remember when Eddie Murphy actually made good movies?