A new survey by the pet site Rover reveals that 61% of pet parents would end a relationship for their pet. Read on for other findings.

  • 33% of pet parents would give up a job opportunity for their pet
  • 25% of parents think their family prefers their pet over their partner.
  • 25% of pet parents have brought their dog on a date
  • 85% of pet parents are more likely to swipe right on a dating site if a member profile has a picture of a dog
  • 95% of dog owners would rather cuddle with their dog than go on a blind date.
  • 50% of pet parents spend more money on their pet than their partner

According to a story from the BBC, humans started keeping pets as long as 27,000 years ago. The thought was that pets brought mental-health well being as well as helping humans live longer.

However, the evidence is contradictory. Research shows that people with pets may have mental health issues and increased levels of depression than those without pets.

I know as for me, I love my cat "Smelly Cat"!