I like Taco Bell, who doesn't love a taco or even one of their stuffed burritos.  You get good food at an affordable price.  Now when you go to a fast food place do you really expect to get full fledged meat in your food without fillers for only a buck or two?  For me personally,  no I don't expect 100% real meat without fillers.  Taco Bell is now facing a lawsuit because of alleged false advertising.

An Alabama law firm is suing Taco Bell for alleged false advertising in claiming it uses "seasoned ground beef" or "seasoned beef" in its products.

The class-action lawsuit charges that Taco Bell's meat mixture contains binders and extenders and does not meet the minimum requirements set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be labeled as beef, the Associated Press reports.

Attorney Dee Miles says the lawsuit does not seek monetary damages, but asks that Taco Bell be honest in its advertising, the AP reports.

Do you think this lawsuit is legit?  Do you think Taco Bell should advertise seasoned ground beef with fillers.  To me that doesn't sound appetizing. But then again are they just telling the consumer what they think the consumer wants to hear, right?

I want to hear what you think about this, leave your comments below.