So you try to lose weight.  You try a fad diet and you lose a ton of weight.  You gain it all back, then try another fad diet.  It seems to be an endless cycle.  All you hear is Yo-Yo dieting is unhealthy, you need to lose weight and keep it off.  Well according to a new study, Yo-Yo dieting may not be as bad as once thought.According to

This study was done on mice, but it shows that yo-yo dieting isn’t as bad as it was once believed to be. There were three groups of mice in the study, placed into a low-fat, high-fat and yo-yo diet groups. The mice that were placed on the yo-yo diet alternated between a low-fat and high-fat diet.

The mice on the yo-yo diet were healthy when they followed a low-fat diet and had higher body fat, blood sugar and body weight when they were on their high-fat rotation. Another surprising detail of this study was that the yo-yo diet mice lived just as long as the mice that maintained a low-fat diet the entire time. This amounted to about six months longer than the mice that followed only a high-fat diet.

So if you are going to stick to Yo-Yo dieting, apparently you are helping your body out more than you think, but in the long run a healthy lifestyle change is always the best choice.